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Risk Manager

Risk Manager is a comprehensive risk management suite that covers market, credit, and operational risk involved in the exchange-trading business. The suite provides real-time analytics for assessing, evaluating and managing risk across various business units. It supports advanced analytical tools that deliver accurate, consistent and transparent risk information across business units to prevent unexpected losses. The integrated risk management nature of the platform enables proactive and holistic identification and management of emerging risks. The platform also helps improve financial risk practices that financial institutions need to find a balance between commercial success and business sustainability. Trusted data and information visualization enables one to transparently manage financial risk exposure in a timely manner.

Our History

Pride Holding has advised a multitude of sovereigns and financial markets organizations in a variety of capacities, all aimed at achieving business improvement and advantage. We consult to governments and corporations to help establish and operate a Multi-Asset-Class Commodities Exchange. We can provide the terms of reference, request-for-proposal studies, technical expertise and advice to technical evaluation committees. We offer proven experience in capital market consultancy and advisory services in derivative products including commodities and other financial instruments.

Projects Undertaken

Mercantile Exchange Nepal - Nepal

Mercantile Exchange of Madagascar SA- Madagascar

Cambodian Mercantile Exchange -Cambodia

Nepal Spot Exchange Nepal -Nepal

Ukrainian Mercantile Futures Commodity Exchange -Ukraine

Mercantile Exchange of Belize -Belize

Bangla Mercantile Exchange -Bangladesh

Bourse Kenya-Kenya

African Mercantile Exchange –Swaziland

Srilanka Exchange – Sri Lanka

Our People

Pride Holdings uses expert professionals and a network of experienced consulting associates in project assignments, using the most appropriate and cost effective resources. We strive to deliver the highest quality service to end-clients.

Pride Holdings, LLC (USA) was founded Mr. Richard Kapsch, who has over 40 years of capital markets consulting experience. Mr. Kapsch is the Managing Director of Pride Holdings LLC.

Listed below is a snapshot of Pride Holding experts.

Financial Market Development & Consulting - Mr. Richard Kapsch is the Managing Director of Pride Holdings, LLC. He was previously President of Leader Investments, Inc., a brokerage firm based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, dealing in equities, options, and futures. He has spent almost forty years in the securities and futures industries, including experience with major U. S. securities firms such as E. F. Hutton, Shearson and Prudential-Bache Securities. He has been involved at all levels of management.

Mr. Kapsch was a member of the International Monetary Market, a division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, for eleven years, and was elected to the Board of Governors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he served for five years. While a member of that Board, he chaired the Foreign Currency Committee and was a member of both the Strategic Planning and Audit Committees.

Mr. Kapsch holds a B. A. degree from Yale University and an M. B. A. degree, in Corporate Finance, from New York University. He has taught graduate-level courses at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Keller Graduate School of Management and Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He has spoken at numerous international seminars and is the author of several magazine articles.

Exchange Strategy - Our senior exchange strategy consultant has over 20 years of experience in capital markets and is currently a strategic consultant for major governments in Africa and Far East on exchange strategy and business areas. He is a senior-level management professional who has worked in numerous executive positions over dozens of countries spanning the globe. He has extensive knowledge in contract negotiations, business development, building business relations, identifying new markets for investments, developing new and existing products and a decade long knowledge of compliance and regulatory issues.

Derivatives & Commodity Exchanges – Senior Commodities and derivatives Trading and Clearing Consultant, who spent 15 years as senior executive in the Indian Sub-Continent and Far East. He has a successful track record of setting up and running the operations for commodities and futures exchanges.

IT Software Development – Our Software Design and Development expert has over 15 years of experience in building trading engines for Forex, futures and commodities. He started as an engineer building trading systems for Forex brokerage firms and moved up to build complex trading order matching, risk management and reporting systems for global exchanges. He is a renowned expert in Microsoft technologies pertaining to financial markets. He is a project management professional who has successfully executed the implementation of exchange software and order management projects for global exchanges. He is currently involved in designing strategic algorithms for tactical trading.

Graphics Design and Development – Our graphics design and development expert has over 15 years of experience developing world class graphics for state of the art trading platforms and financial websites. He is leading a team of highly skilled designers and developers proficient in cutting edge web technologies. His experience of understanding, capturing and imbuing user experience in design is unparalleled in the financial domain design sector.

Network & Infrastructure Engineer – Our Network expert has over 18 years of experience in the field of network engineering, data center management, intrusion detection and security, storage area networks, ultra-low latency hardware. He has managed data centers and installations for global exchanges in global locations. He is an expert in cloud technology for high frequency trading infrastructure.

Corporate Finance – A seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in valuation and evaluating corporate projects for exchanges. He is a seasoned veteran in the making capital budgeting decision for corporate projects like exchanges, brokerages, risk management and settlement systems.

Corporate Governance – We have a team of legal and compliance experts who are thoroughly familiar with the regulatory frameworks in Americas, UK, Europe, MENA and Asian regions. Our experts are deeply proficient in the regulatory framework of emerging market and developed economies around the world.